Joe Shivers

I've been going here for 2 years now, and I have no complaints about BSJJ. The instructors (All very experienced) actually make an effort to connect with each student and make sure they're on the right path to achieving their goal(s). You'll always be able to find someone to work with no matter what size you are. Everyone always has a partner, no one is ever left out. There's plenty of mat space, and the mats are clean. Overall it's a pretty good martial arts school."

Chad Smith

Great Instruction, great mat space, and great environment.  Students and instructors are welcoming and take a hands on approach to getting new people involved.  The instruction is high level, and they bring in several high proffile Jiu-Jitsu black belts every year for seminars.''

Jennifer Curtis

"We love it here.  Started off with my youngest (7) getting into Jiu-jitsu to help him get rid of some extra energy.  Then my older son (10) joined and he has REALLY "come out of him shell".  It has given him more confidence then I could have ever hoped for, and not just as a person but with being able to read out loud and lead discussion groups at school.  And Now I have started joining in. The people here are like family.  They welcome everyone with open arms and look to help each person be the best they can be.  The instructors are all very encouraging and are big on no bullying. We have been going here for a year now and don't plan on leaving any time soon."

Emanuel Torres

"My family and I joined BSJJ this year and we are loving it. The dojo atmosphere is great. It's welcoming to new students and everyone there is helpful and courteous and there to train. I highly recommend coming in for a class and signing up to train with a great group of people. Everyone there treats you like family and the instructors are awesome. Our family has experienced other dojo atmospheres and none compare to Blue Springs Jiu Jitsu! Come train and see for yourself!"

Andy Tan

Blue Springs Jiu-jitsu (BSJJ) is awesome! Instructor is very personable and patience. My kids love it!! I'd recommend BSJJ in a heartbeat.